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Tue, Sep. 7th, 2004, 01:31 pm
gk_boo: Are You Ready To Rock?

If you have never seen the Cougars live before you don't know what you're missing. Eight amazing musicians crammed onto on stage, eminating sonic pleasure the likes of which you've never seen. Let's just say they rock! If you are lucky enough to be in one of the following cities, you *must* catch their show.

10/03/2004 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's w/ FuManchu
10/04/2004 - Toronto, ON @ The Mod Club w/Fu Manchu
10/05/2004 - Buffalo, NY @ The Continental Club w/ Fu Manchu
10/07/2004 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell's w/ Fu Manchu
10/08/2004 - Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs w/ Fu Manchu
10/09/2004 - New York, NY @ The Knitting Factory w/ Fu Manchu
10/10/2004 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Khyber w/ Fu Manchu
10/11/2004 - Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar w/ Fu Manchu
10/13/2004 - Birmingham, AL @ The Nick w/ Fu Manchu
10/14/2004 - Little Rock, AK @ Vinos w/ Fu Manchu
10/15/2004 - Houston, TX @ Engine Room w/ Fu Manchu
10/16/2004 - Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room w/ Fu Manchu